Poseidon Industrial (DCS) Seismic Alarm

Poseidon DCS Seismic Alarm

Poseidon is an industrial seismic/earthquake alarm, safety and warning system compatible with existing plant network infrastructure. Remote NetDAS accelerometer stations are digitized and transmitted continuously to the Poseidon Base (Control Room) Station via Ethernet, wireless, fiber optic or analog cable. The Base Station is connected to the plant's DCS (Distributed Control System) to signal alarms or data faults. Poseidon also finds application for down-hole and wired sensor arrays. The Base Station provides remote access, real-time recording, event processing and graphical display. Multiple trigger modes (OBE/SSE, amplitude, average etc) are available to capture data of interest. Warning messages, status indicators, relay closure and bridging to other plant networks are also provided. Poseidon is configured to meet each customer’s requirements and is delivered as a turn-key system with complete operational manuals, on-site training and Factory/Site Acceptance Test procedures.

Applications: Poseidon Seismic Alarm

- Seismic alarms for LNG, O&G, rail lines and other industrial facilities
- Geothermal resource evaluation
- CO2 sequestration
Structural state-of-health
Earthquake early warning (EEW)
- Seismic recording for high-rise buildings
- Seismic and volcano networks
- Downhole seismic/earthquake studies
- Factory floor
shake and vibration alarms

Features: Poseidon Seismic Alarm

- Hard-wired local arrays of up to 32 channels at 24-bit
- Amplitude, STA/LTA, OBE/SSE (spectral), logic and message triggers
- Unlimited remote
24-bit NetDAS data inputs
- Uses existing LAN and fiber
- Remote access via the Internet
- Relay interface to plant DCS (Distributed Control System)
- Warning and status messages over the LAN
- A
cceleration, displacement and other sensor inputs
- Remote sensor
- Status and alarm warning LED lights
Windows or Linux
- Delivered as turn-key system