24-bit Data Acquisition Highlights

- 24-bit high-resolution data loggers and acquisition
- Internet realtime data recorder and transmitter
- Ethernet data logging
- Seismic and environmental monitoring
- Earthquake recorder and alarms
- USB 24-bit data acquisition
- Windows, Linux and embedded Linux operating systems
- GPS time-stamped data
- Multiple sensory inputs
- Low packet latency for Earthquake E
arly Warning (EEW)
- Java and C libraries
- Client/server architecture
- Graphical viewer, formatter, concentrator, trigger, operations clients

24-bit Data Acquisition Products

- NetDAS/Embedded, 24-bit embedded Linux TCP/IP GPS data logger
- NetDAS/Ubuntu, 24-bit Ubuntu Linux server TCP/IP GPS data logger
- NetDAS/Windows, 24-bit Windows server TCP/IP GPS data logger
- Cronos, High-rise and structural seismic recording system
- Poseidon, Industrial seismic alarm and warning system
Accel-120, Triaxial accelerometer, very high resolution
Accel-90, Triaxial accelerometer, high resolution
Accel-70, Triaxial accelerometer, low cost
- DAQ24USB, 24-bit USB Java data recorder/display

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