DAQ Systems, Bridger Mts, Bozeman MT USA
Product Highlights
- 24-bit data loggers and data acquisition boards
- Seismic and environmental monitoring
- Seismic alarms and warning systems
- Internet and USB connectivity
- Multi-platform: Windows and Linux
- GPS time-stamped data
- Real-time Internet data transfer
- Java and C libraries for developers
- Bundled graphical viewer, formatter, data concentrator and other clients

- NetDAS/Embedded, 24-bit embedded Linux TCP/IP GPS data logger
- NetDAS/Ubuntu, 24-bit Ubuntu Linux server TCP/IP GPS data logger
- NetDAS/Windows, 24-bit Windows server TCP/IP GPS data logger
- NetDAS-32CH, 24-bit 32-channel data recorder
- Cronos, High-rise and structural seismic recording system
- Poseidon, Industrial seismic alarm system
Accel-120, triaxial accelerometer, ultra resolution
Accel-90, triaxial accelerometer, very high resolution
- Accel-80, triaxial accelerometer, high resolution, low cost
Accel-70, triaxial accelerometer, medium resolution, very low cost
- DAQ24USB, 24-bit USB Java data recorder
WatchDogPowerSupply, 5-volt auto-reset power-supply
GPS-NS, GPS Time Base

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