24-bit Data Recorder, Logger, Acquisition Systems

NetDAS-3 Embedded Linux 24-bit Data Recorder
NetDAS/Embedded, 24-bit embedded rugged Linux TCP/IP GPS data logger/recorder

NetDAS-Windows 12-channel 24-bit Data Recorder
NetDAS/Windows, 24-bit Windows server TCP/IP GPS data logger/recorder (4 - 12-channel)

DAQ24USB 24-bit USB Data RecorderDAQ2USB 24-bit Java Data Recorder
DAQ24USB, 24-bit USB Java data graphical display recorder (Enclosure, OEM Board)

24-bit Data Acquisition Overview
DAQ Systems’ 24-bit data acquisition systems support seismic earthquake recording and sensor digitization logging under Windows or Ubuntu Linux including ruggedized embedded Linux. Data is GPS time-stamped in six formats and presented graphically in real-time and available with client/server Internet connectivity. The 24-bit USB analog-digital converter runs standalone with a Java data acquisition app. The client/server suite includes 24-bit data server, event triggering and recording, format conversion, real-time display and data stream concentration via a software hub. The hardware is modular with SoC CPU, non-stop Watchdog Timer power supply and state-of-the art GPS data time stamp. Data is stored locally on a 64GB MicroSD.

Other Products
- NetDAS/Ubuntu, 24-bit Ubuntu Linux server TCP/IP GPS data logger
- NetDAS-32CH, 24-bit 32-channel data recorder
- DAQ24USB-XR, 24-bit, 4-channel USB Java data acquisition board
- CRONOS, High-rise and structural seismic recording system
- Poseidon, Industrial seismic alarm system
Accelerometer Overview, Accel-120, Accel-90, Accel-70, triaxial accelerometers, ultra, high and medium resolutions
WatchDogPowerSupply, 5-volt auto-reset power-supply
GPS-NS, GPS Time Base with RMC NMEA serial output and PPS

24-bit Data Acquisition Summary

- 24-bit data loggers and data acquisition boards
- 24-bit sensory and environmental monitoring
- Digitize analog signals and sensors
- Seismic alarms and warning systems
- Internet and USB connectivity
- Multi-platform: Windows and Linux
- GPS time-stamped data
- Real-time Internet data transfer
- Java and C libraries for developers
- Bundled graphical viewer, formatter, data concentrator and other clients


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