Watchdog Power Supply

WatchDog 5VDC Power Supply

A Watchdog Power Supply, also called "non-stop" power, detects when a program stops and cycles power to re-start the program. When the program is running normally it outputs a periodic pulse which keeps the Watchdog Power Supply from re-booting the system. If this pulse is absent for more than some set time, the Watchdog Power Supply cycles power. This is the same as when a desktop PC "hangs" and almost always shutting off and on power brings the system back. The PSWD-PC104 is a wide-input (9 – 15 VDC) 10/15-watt isolated PC/104-size DC/DC converter with watchdog functionality. The card automatically reboots the system when the watchdog pulse is absent for a programmable period of time (20s). An external line to reboot other devices is also available. This watchdog-power supply card will work with any 5-volt system capable of generating a periodic CMOS pulse. This card is part of NetDAS and is why the system rarely fails.

Applications and Highlights

  • Automatically recovers from program crashes
  • External reset line for other systems
  • Power supply upgrade for NetDAS data loggers
  • Up to 3000 mA isolated output at 5VDC
  • PC/104 bus compatible (option)
  • Wide 9 - 15 volt input range
  • Fuse protected
  • LED Watchdog pulse and power-good LED indicators
  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • 10 and 15 watt models

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