CRONOS High-Rise Seismic Monitoring and Recording

Cronos High Rise Industrial Structural Seismic Earthquake Recording System

CRONOS Large Structure Seismic System

The CRONOS System consists of several NetDAS accelerographs interconnected via the building’s Local Area Network (LAN). By employing a LAN (as opposed to costly analog cables) greater flexibility in communications, access and maintenance is achieved. The Master NetDAS serves time (CMOS clock or GPS) to all other units. When the LAN is connected to an Internet router CRONOS can be maintained and earthquake data retrieved without site visitations resulting in cost savings over older technology requiring periodic visits.

- High-rise seismic recording
- Structural state-of-health
- Structural monitoring of dams, bridges and large structures
- Conformity to
seismic building codes

- Local and remote recording
- Remote access, control and data retrieval via the Internet or LAN
- Common timing via master clock or GPS and
- Accelerometer ranges of 4g or 5g
- Common triggering via LAN
- Internal 24 or 48 hour backup battery
- 16GB local recording capacity
- Unlimited pre and post-event recording capacities
- Three accelerometer cost/performance grades available
- Windows central computer option
- Up to 12 analog channels at 24-bits per
NetDAS recorder
- Programmable self-test
- LED status indicators
- Heavy duty cast-aluminum enclosure
- Relay and Internet message alarms

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