GPS Systems: OEM GPS board, Antenna, Coaxial cable and Mounting Hardware

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The GPS-NS is a PC/104-size GPS card with NMEA and Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) outputs on separate ports. GPS-NS is based on the

high-sensitivity NavSynch CW25-TIM GPS module.

- Accurate clock for applications requiring precise timing
- GPS timing upgrade for systems with unsynchronized clocks
- Time base for
NetDAS data recorders and other monitoring systems
- Local time distribution network (with RS485 converter)

- PC/104 form factor and bus connector
- Sub-microsecond PPS rising edge
- 10-pin 0.1 inch PPS and NMEA ports
- Standard NMEA RS232 output messages

- 5VDC power input and output
- CMOS 5-volt logic compatible
Low power consumption
- Selectable NMEA messages (RMC, VGA, GLL…)
- Bundled with marine antenna, RG-58 coax and mounting base