GPS Timing System
GPS Timing CardMarine GPS AntennaGPS Antenna Base
Modern data acquisition or data collection systems such NetDAS use GPS modules to time-stamp the data. The software uses the GPS time stamp to create a small header with this time stamp which is read by thedisplay and analysis software. The GPS system consists of four parts: GPS card (left photo), antenna (middle) andmounting hardware (right). A coaxial cable (not shown) connects the card to the antenna. NetDAS uses the GPS RMC and GPS PPS to create the time stamp. This GPS timing system is available from DAQ Systems asa standalone product or as part of a data acquisition system such as NetDAS or POSEIDON.

- Accurate clock for applications requiring precise timing
- GPS timing upgrade for systems with unsynchronized clocks
- Time base for
NetDAS data recorders and other monitoring systems
- Local time distribution network (with
RS485 converter)

- PC/104 form factor and bus connector
- Sub-microsecond PPS rising edge
- 10-pin 0.1 inch PPS and NMEA ports
- Standard
NMEA RS232 output messages
- 5VDC power input and output
- CMOS 5-volt logic compatible
Low power consumption
- Selectable NMEA messages (RMC, VGA, GLL…)
- Bundled with marine antenna, RG-58 coax and mounting base

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