NetDAS-32CH – 24-bit high channel count data recorder

NetDAS Linux/Windows 24-bit Data Recorder
24-bit NetDAS Windows Data Acquisition
DAQ Systems’ 24-bit data acquisition with up to 32 channels, support seismic earthquake recording and sensor digitization logging under Windows. Data is GPS time-stamped in six formats and presented graphically in real-time and available with client/server Internet connectivity. The 24-bit USB analog-digital converters runs standalone with a Java data acquisition app. The client/server suite includes 24-bit data server, event triggering and recording, format conversion, real-time display, data stream concentration via a software hub and a state-of-the art GPS data time stamp.

- Central recorder for large sensory networks
- Local
accelerometer array recorder
- Data stream concentrator
- Seismic/earthquake recording, monitoring, logging and data acquisition
- Seismic and strong-motion networks on earthquake fault zones and volcanoes
- Low packet latency for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW)
- Laboratory and sensory data acquisition
- Seismic monitoring of dams, LNG facilities, semiconductor production lines and bridges

- 4 - 32 channels at 24-bit resolution
- Expandable in 32 channel increments
- 10 microsecond time stamp accuracy (typical)
- Windows of Linux host computer
NetDAS Tools software bundle: multi-triggering, data concentration, multi-formatting, performance logging, graphical viewer
- Low latency (20ms at 100 Hz sampling)
- Digital I/O and 10-bit analog channels (option)
- Sample rates up to 400 Hz
- USB and serial connections to host computer
- LED state-of-health indicator
- Rack-mount, desktop or rugged pre-configured host computer (option)
- Real-time graphical display
- GPS marine antenna
- MATLAB and other formats supported

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