NetDAS-32CH – 24-bit high channel count data recorder


NetDAS-32 is a multi-platform high channel count 24-bit data acquisition system (DAS) based on open industry standards such as Ubuntu Linux, TCP/IP, USB and client/server software. The software is multi-platform so runs identically under Microsoft Windows. NetDAS finds application in sensory applications requiring high resolution. Introduced in 2003, NetDAS was the first DAS to run embedded Linux. NetDAS comes bundled with NetDAS Tools software clients including triggering (amplitude, STA/LTA, spectral/OBE, network message and external logic level), formatting, Earthworm client, real-time display and data concentration.

- Central recorder for large sensory networks
- Local
accelerometer array recorder
- Data stream concentrator
- Seismic/earthquake recording, monitoring, logging and data acquisition
- Seismic and strong-motion networks on earthquake fault zones and volcanoes
- Low packet latency for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW)
- Laboratory and sensory data acquisition
- Seismic monitoring of dams, LNG facilities, semiconductor production lines and bridges

- 4 - 32 channels at 24-bit resolution
- Expandable in 32 channel increments
- 10 microsecond time stamp accuracy (typical)
- Windows of Linux host computer
NetDAS Tools software bundle: multi-triggering, data concentration, multi-formatting, performance logging, graphical viewer
- Low latency (20ms at 100 Hz sampling)
- Digital I/O and 10-bit analog channels (option)
- Sample rates up to 400 Hz
- USB and serial connections to host computer
- LED state-of-health indicator
- Rack-mount, desktop or rugged pre-configured host computer (option)
- Real-time graphical display
- GPS marine antenna
- MATLAB and other formats supported