Accel-90 - High resolution triaxial accelerometer

Accel-90 Triaxial Accelerometer

Accel-90 is a MEMS triaxial analog accelerometer offering excellent dynamic range, high electro-magnetic radiation immunity, robustness and frequency response from DC to 500 Hz. Accel-90's dynamic range makes it a cost-effective choice for strong-motion seismic monitoring down to 1 mg allowing for the recording of even tiny earthquakes. Applications include recording systems for tall buildings, seismic safety and alarm systems and intrusion detection. Accel-90's low power consumption makes it an ideal choice for battery operation. Accel-90 runs off USB power eliminating the need for an external power supply. For more demanding engineering applications Accel-90 offers the best price/performance ratio. Lead time is 4 - 8 weeks.

- Dense seismic arrays
- Seismic/earthquake alarms
- High-rise seismic recorders
- Intrusion detection
- Strong-motion recording
- Structural state-of-health


- 5g range
- 90 dB dynamic range
- 1 mg noise floor
- 35 milliwatt power consumption
- Compatible with
- 5VDC power
- DC - 500 Hz response
- Vibration analysis
- Rugged cast Al enclosure
- 12(L) X 13 (W) X 8(H) (cm), 1.3kg
- 19-pin military style connector