NetDAS/Windows – 24-bit Internet Central Recorder

NetDAS/Windows Central Recorder
is a high channel count 24-bit data acquisition system and event logger/recorder/transmitter based on industry-standards. All software runs over a LAN or the Internet and can be configured to operate simultaneously in network broadcast, continuous recording and triggered modes. NetDAS/Windows runs on a rack-mount server (not shown). This item is normally in stock.

- Central recorder for large sensory networks
- Local
accelerometer array recorder
- Data stream concentrator
- Earthquake recording, monitoring, logging and digitization
- Seismic and strong-motion networks on earthquake fault zones and volcanoes
- Low packet latency for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW)
- Laboratory and sensory data acquisition
- Seismic monitoring of dams, LNG facilities, semiconductor production lines and bridges

- Multi-channel wide dynamic range 24-bit simultaneous sampling
- Up to 32 channels at 24 bits
- Real-time Internet (IP) connectivity over existing infrastructure
- GPS time-stamped data
- Sampling up to low-audio band
- Continuous gap-free data
- Digital I/O
- 10-bit analog inputs
- Operates over optical fiber, Ethernet (Cat-5) or wireless networks
- Encryption for high security
- Real-time graphical display
- Internet status messages and warnings
- MATLAB and other formats supported
- Software-controlled gain