24-bit USB Data Acquisition

DAQ24USB 24-bit A/D
DAQ24USB is a technically advanced 24-bit analog-digital converter (ADC) and data logging system offering excellent performance at a low cost. DAQ24USB comes with a finished Java GUI application (shown below), optional Java and C libraries, programmable sensitivity, digital input/output, PC/104 form-factor, auxiliary 10-bit and temperature channels and USB connectivity. This item is normally in stock.

- Multi-channel USB 24-bit recording/digitizing/data logging
- Analog-digital converter (ADC) for PC/104 systems
- Compatible and upgradeable to
NetDAS-eLinux, NetDAS-Windows, NetDAS-Linux
- Seismic, strong-motion, earthquake recording and lab experiments
- High resolution sensory recording – accelerometer, displacement, pressure, vibration

- Expansion via USB hub
- Wide dynamic range
- Simultaneous channel sampling to sub-audio band
- Auxiliary digital I/O and 10-bit analog inputs
- Software-controlled amplifier
- Onboard temperature sensor
- Small PC/104 form factor
- USB powered – no power supply needed
- Switchable external power for active sensors
- Multi-platform (drivers for Windows and Linux)
- Output ASCII file compatible with MS Excel and MATLAB
- Bundled Java and “C” libraries
- OEM board or turn-key system

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