Accel-70 - Very low cost triaxial accelerometer

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Accel-70 is a triaxial analog MEMS accelerometer offering good dynamic range, high electro-magnetic radiation immunity, robustness and frequency response from DC to 100 Hz. Accel-70's dynamic range makes it a cost-effective choice for strong-motion seismic monitoring down to 40 mg allowing for the recording of all significant earthquakes. Applications include recording systems for tall buildings, seismic safety and alarm systems and intrusion detection. Accel-70's low power consumption makes it an ideal choice for battery operation. Accel-70 runs off USB power eliminating the need for an external power supply. For many engineering applications Accel-70 offers the best price/performance ratio. This item is normally in stock.

- Dense seismic arrays
- Seismic alarms
- High-rise structure seismic recorders
- Intrusion detection
- Structural state-of-health
- Strong-motion recording
- Vibration analysis


- 3.6g range
- 70 dB dynamic range (X-Y), 65 dB (Z)
- 35 milliwatt power consumption
- Compatible with
- 5VDC power jack
- Self test input
- DC - 100 Hz response
- 3.7"X 3.5" PC/104 size circuit card